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By withhtml5com, Jan 21 2020 05:59AM

2020 marks the 7th year that ARESO Gofl first came out with fitting through your putting stroke. Using golf engineering, advanced materials, manufacturing process, and club design, ARESO have provided complete fitting selection of head types from blade, mallet, square to hyper; from one-piece, multiple-piece material construction for optimium performance. Please come see us at Booth #2377 (right next to the main aisle, close by Golf Channel).

ARESO have been accepted by tour players, elite players, purists, fitters and experts in the industry to provide precison and improvement putting performance. As of now, ARESO have been trusted by customer from over 25 countries worldwide and offers over 40 models (excluding Optimus and Limited) with one of the most complete configurations for fitting.

Each of the ARESO Golf models are 100% CNC from either forged or block, using premium material like SC25, 303 Stainless Steel, and Beta Titanium. ARESO have been renowned for the perfection machining of its putters and feel and touch of impact.

ARESO Golf offers fitting options from head type, lie, loft, head weight, toe-hang, off-sets, grip size and length. Together with German scientists, ARESO can help you improve your putting by the correct specifications.

By unknown, Jan 21 2015 02:13AM

FRANKFURT, GERMANY (January 20th, 2015) – ARESO Golf an industry innovator in fitting and performance golf club company has announced to new series, Optimus and Fitting Tools to enhance fitting experiences. This year, ARESO Golf will be hosting events with putting experts from Germany, Science and Motion Sports at Booth #781 .

Based from research and market reaction from ARESO users and testing results, ARESO Golf has found that traditional golf club design needs some boost and advanced fitting are both needed in place. Therefore in 2015, ARESO Golf welcomes all to try out newest fitting software co-developed by ARESO Golf and SAM, available for download with Puttlab 5 users. The new software features with level one fitting with lie, loft, length, grip, head type and balance.

As for New Product line for ARESO Golf in 2015 features new fitting line of Fitting Putter 2, Optimus Series, new Elite Blade E62, E63 and Gentlemen G26, G28. This is broadens the golfers base that need fitting, the elite putters, the long time golfers, and rest, Optimus series.

"The PGA Merchandise Show is a great opportunity for ARESOGolf to meet with our customers, showcase new ARESO product line and fitting software with SAM. Looking forward to meeting golfers and coaches to take time and experience them at booth #781" said Rock WU, CTO, ARESO Golf GmbH.

For more information, please visit

By unknown, Jul 24 2014 07:12AM

ARESO Golf GmbH ( Frankfurt, 2014/Jul/24) introduces KINE-FIT Grip Technology. KINE-FIT Grip focuses on matching relation between hand size and grip size, tempo, rhythm and activation of wrist pronation and supination during the putting stroke.

KINE-FIT Grip also integrates with KINE-FIT BALANCE to adjust height of balance-point, KINE-FIT LENGTH to adjust to optimum pendulum pivot point.

ARESO Golf offers over 4 different grips types to fit with every golfer for maximum performance on the Green, rangeing from Standard (STD), Midsize (MID), Oversize (OVR), and LONG (FIT).

Please refer try our Puttlab Fitting Protocol to find out what suit your stroke.

By unknown, Jul 8 2014 02:13AM

ARESO Golf GmbH (Frankfurt, 2014/Jul/07) introduces KINE-FIT Length to KINE-FIT Technology. Length is one of the most important factors to correct putter fitting. To most, putter is the shortest in the bag and putting posture varies from each player with slightly different setting

KINE-FIT promote posture to have setup with COP in the center of the stance with eye over the ball. With the pelvis, torso bends slightly forward and hands hang freely; it is where optimum putter posture is recommended by ARESO Golf.

KINE-FIT Length is designed to help you find your optimum length from the right posture, not from the back cap of the grip. Fitting Grip from KINE-FIT Grip is divided into every half inch increment, so that everybody can find their most comfortable position.

KINE-FIT Length can also be used for KINE-FIT Balance purposes, with heavier weighting in the grip and gripping down, balance of the putter can be adjusted to suit your stroke.

Find out your KINE-FIT Length today,

Available on Type II, CP-1, and FP-1

By unknown, Jun 5 2014 03:35AM

ARESO Golf GmbH (Frankfurt June/05/2014) Introduces new KINE-FIT Technology to its advanced fitting technologies to Classic product line. ARESO Golf are adding K-FIT Balance design features with thousands different combination to adjust to individual optimal Balance Point setting.

@ K-FIT Weight > KINE-FIT also offers adjustment dynamic rotation and fine-tuning weight distribution. ARESO Golf offers fitting to hundreds of head weight combinations.

@ K-FIT Length > new ARESO Golf Fitting Grips, that are marked with half-inch increment with total of 6 inches for best K-FIT Balance Point Setting.

@ Low Torque Shaft > specially designed ARES Shaft Putter selection (tq 1.2) with Black Matte Finish and enhanced tip stiffness.

Why is Heavier Balance Putter becoming popular and should golfers get one? According to CTO of ARESO Golf Rock Wu commented :“ Adding weights to the club, whether in head, shaft, or grip all will have increase the total weight which in turn increase the momentum not only with the head but as a club as a whole. These property changes all increase the consistency of the putts and gripping down the grip of KINE-FIT Length maintain the same feel. Also, the increased mass will promote a more-large muscle kind of stroke for better repeatability especially on the time-to-impact phase.

Get Fit near you,


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ARESO's goal is to assist golfers on one of the most important aspect of the game, PUTTING. Putting is a game of accuracy and control, and we try help golfers to acheve that.


ARESO also introduces numerous technologies, like Kine-FIT (monitor the kinetic and kinematic of the putting stroke) and custom-fit a precision-fitted putter to your need.and assist you to reach your maximum potential.

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