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By unknown, Jun 5 2014 03:35AM

ARESO Golf GmbH (Frankfurt June/05/2014) Introduces new KINE-FIT Technology to its advanced fitting technologies to Classic product line. ARESO Golf are adding K-FIT Balance design features with thousands different combination to adjust to individual optimal Balance Point setting.

@ K-FIT Weight > KINE-FIT also offers adjustment dynamic rotation and fine-tuning weight distribution. ARESO Golf offers fitting to hundreds of head weight combinations.

@ K-FIT Length > new ARESO Golf Fitting Grips, that are marked with half-inch increment with total of 6 inches for best K-FIT Balance Point Setting.

@ Low Torque Shaft > specially designed ARES Shaft Putter selection (tq 1.2) with Black Matte Finish and enhanced tip stiffness.

Why is Heavier Balance Putter becoming popular and should golfers get one? According to CTO of ARESO Golf Rock Wu commented :“ Adding weights to the club, whether in head, shaft, or grip all will have increase the total weight which in turn increase the momentum not only with the head but as a club as a whole. These property changes all increase the consistency of the putts and gripping down the grip of KINE-FIT Length maintain the same feel. Also, the increased mass will promote a more-large muscle kind of stroke for better repeatability especially on the time-to-impact phase.

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ARESO's goal is to assist golfers on one of the most important aspect of the game, PUTTING. Putting is a game of accuracy and control, and we try help golfers to acheve that.


ARESO also introduces numerous technologies, like Kine-FIT (monitor the kinetic and kinematic of the putting stroke) and custom-fit a precision-fitted putter to your need.and assist you to reach your maximum potential.

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