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By unknown, Jul 8 2014 02:13AM

ARESO Golf GmbH (Frankfurt, 2014/Jul/07) introduces KINE-FIT Length to KINE-FIT Technology. Length is one of the most important factors to correct putter fitting. To most, putter is the shortest in the bag and putting posture varies from each player with slightly different setting

KINE-FIT promote posture to have setup with COP in the center of the stance with eye over the ball. With the pelvis, torso bends slightly forward and hands hang freely; it is where optimum putter posture is recommended by ARESO Golf.

KINE-FIT Length is designed to help you find your optimum length from the right posture, not from the back cap of the grip. Fitting Grip from KINE-FIT Grip is divided into every half inch increment, so that everybody can find their most comfortable position.

KINE-FIT Length can also be used for KINE-FIT Balance purposes, with heavier weighting in the grip and gripping down, balance of the putter can be adjusted to suit your stroke.

Find out your KINE-FIT Length today,

Available on Type II, CP-1, and FP-1

By unknown, Jun 25 2014 03:35AM

ARESO Golf GmbH (Frankfurt, 2014/Jun/24) introduces second generation of new KINE-FIT FACE technology, FACE II. After years of research and expertize in engineering, ARESO Golf has introduced new KINE-FIT FACE II, synchronized both Horizontal and Vertical CNC face, the Ripple & Gear Face.

Ripple Face decrease dimple effect on the direction which increases consistency while Gear Face increase the surface contact to increase friction/ mechanical lock between the ball and putter for superior performance.

Ripple Face are Horizontally precised-CNC deep-milling grooves design that are based from research to focuses both on minimize dimple effects and also enhance the hitting axis on off-center hits.

Gear Face Vertical focuses on the maximizing friction after the ball’s deformation with face contact. Gear Face are tiny Gear-like tooth precisely CNC to depth and pitched to match Ripple Face for maximum result.

Available models are Classic Series C20, and Elite Series E13, E21 and E22.

For more KINE-FIT Technology

By unknown, Jun 5 2014 03:35AM

ARESO Golf GmbH (Frankfurt June/05/2014) Introduces new KINE-FIT Technology to its advanced fitting technologies to Classic product line. ARESO Golf are adding K-FIT Balance design features with thousands different combination to adjust to individual optimal Balance Point setting.

@ K-FIT Weight > KINE-FIT also offers adjustment dynamic rotation and fine-tuning weight distribution. ARESO Golf offers fitting to hundreds of head weight combinations.

@ K-FIT Length > new ARESO Golf Fitting Grips, that are marked with half-inch increment with total of 6 inches for best K-FIT Balance Point Setting.

@ Low Torque Shaft > specially designed ARES Shaft Putter selection (tq 1.2) with Black Matte Finish and enhanced tip stiffness.

Why is Heavier Balance Putter becoming popular and should golfers get one? According to CTO of ARESO Golf Rock Wu commented :“ Adding weights to the club, whether in head, shaft, or grip all will have increase the total weight which in turn increase the momentum not only with the head but as a club as a whole. These property changes all increase the consistency of the putts and gripping down the grip of KINE-FIT Length maintain the same feel. Also, the increased mass will promote a more-large muscle kind of stroke for better repeatability especially on the time-to-impact phase.

Get Fit near you,


By unknown, May 18 2014 07:09AM

After success at the 2014 PGA Show, ARESO have been contacted by many experienced fitters from all parts of the world to be part of the revolutionary fitting concept. ARESO is proud to introduce Together with their years of experience in club fitting, golf swing and the body, ARESO is confidence in providing premium fitting service quality to its customers.

By unknown, Apr 8 2014 03:15AM

Frankfurt (2014/04/08). ARESO Golf is proudly adding more complete "Optimium Loft" to its line of putters. Introducing loft selection for players that prefers to have more & less loft in their putter, and get fitted just like the top players from the Tour.

a. Forward-Press - leading wrist angle flexion, i.e. Phil Michelson.

Recommended to "up" loft (5.5°) for optimium launching conditions.

b. Reverse-Tilt - leading wrist angle extension, ie Zach Johnson.

Recommended to "aggressive" loft (0.5°) for optimium launching conditions.

Models available include Classic Series

* Blade - C30,

* Mallet - C10,

* Square - C50 & C50W.

Get your ARESO Putter fitted today.

By unknown, Mar 25 2014 02:16AM

(FRANKFURT, GERMANY, 2014/02/26) – high-tech custom putters maker, AresoGolf ( and the leading provider of putting analysis systems, Science & Motion Sports (www.scienceandmotion. com) have announce a strategic alliance to co-developed fitting software integrated into the newly launched Puttlab 5.

ARESO with over 20 years of golf club making knowledge hopes to improve players putting performance by finding their best fit from the dynamics of their stroke, EASY- FIT. That is why ARESO is teaming up with Science&Motion Sports to will offer the market a turnkey solution for fitting.

ARESO Golf & Science&Motion Sports have worked years to research and understanding from the ave-rage golfer to elite professionals, what can be made to improve their game. The groundbreaking software not only automatically analyzes the relevant data aspects, it also guides the user through the complete inter-active fitting process - convenient and easy to use. The result is a complete putter specification to help any golfer to sustainably improve his game.

With the SAM fitting protocol Science&Motion have combined the high precision technology of SAM PuttLab with the long term experience in analyzing countless amateur’s and elite golfer’s putting strokes. The solution was interviewed by Golf Digest at the Orlando Show 2014 and have been well received by those who tried it.

Fitting Package of Easy-Fit and Puttlab 5 setup

Golf Digest Interview

By unknown, Jan 27 2014 11:55AM

ARESO is introducing the world's most sophisticated Fitting Putter (FP-1).

Through researches and years of experience in design and engineering, ARESO have designed the FP-1 for fitters to FIT with effeciency and accuracy.

Based from researches and collaboration with SAM, ARESO have developed KINE-FIT, fitting protocol in combination with FP-1.

FP-1 offers over ten thousand configurations that help to match golfers stroke. KINE-FIT fitting software is integrated in Puttlab 5 Fitting Protocol.

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ARESO's goal is to assist golfers on one of the most important aspect of the game, PUTTING. Putting is a game of accuracy and control, and we try help golfers to acheve that.


ARESO also introduces numerous technologies, like Kine-FIT (monitor the kinetic and kinematic of the putting stroke) and custom-fit a precision-fitted putter to your need.and assist you to reach your maximum potential.

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