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Optimus Series - Optimize your KINE-Fit

By unknown, Jan 21 2015 06:46PM

Frankfurt, Germany (Jan/ 21/ 2015). ARESO Golf has introduced a line of putter from the existing product line, "Optimus" Series with the goal to "optimize your KINE-Fit". No matter what you head design, head weight, loft, hosel positions or length, Optimus can be that putter.

After years of research, ARESO Golf decided to launch Optimus Series that combines the most relevant fitting parameters and divide them into modules to fit every golfers which are shaft hosels types, face loft, weight modules, head weight, CG, MOI, shaft weight and length for optimium fit.

Optimus is a technological break-through for ARESO Golf and its first commercially fully interchangeable putter design that features Million combinations of face, body, back and weight ports design. Optimus offers full-range head types, full-range of loft and arc types. Optimus is precisely designed and machined on 4-axis to ensure best fit and precision.

Optimus offers two hosel designs, six weight ports, vast combination of loft and groove designs that suit every golfer needs

Contact your nearest ARESO Golf fitters for details.

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ARESO's goal is to assist golfers on one of the most important aspect of the game, PUTTING. Putting is a game of accuracy and control, and we try help golfers to acheve that.


ARESO also introduces numerous technologies, like Kine-FIT (monitor the kinetic and kinematic of the putting stroke) and custom-fit a precision-fitted putter to your need.and assist you to reach your maximum potential.

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