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L-Typed Putter - Elite Series E62, E63

By unknown, Jan 22 2015 02:11AM

Frankfurt, Germany (Jan/ 21/ 2015). ARESO Golf has introduced two L-Shaped putters, E62, E63 to the Elite Series product line. Elite Series are designed for "purists", those look for traditional design with emphaize on feel, performance, and rotation arc type of stroke. Both E62 and E63 are designed with lighter headweight, forward CG , S25C and CNC face.


E62 is BLADE head type with two Midsize Weight Ports (2M). E62 features an L-shaped hosel for Strong-Arc. E62 is forged and milled on 4-axis CNC with premium quality S25C carbon steel.


E63 is BLADE head type with one Midsize and one Large Weight Ports (1M1L). E63 features an L-shaped hosel with Heel-Toe weighted design for Strong-Arc. E63 is forged and milled on 4-axis CNC with premium quality S25C carbon steel.

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ARESO's goal is to assist golfers on one of the most important aspect of the game, PUTTING. Putting is a game of accuracy and control, and we try help golfers to acheve that.


ARESO also introduces numerous technologies, like Kine-FIT (monitor the kinetic and kinematic of the putting stroke) and custom-fit a precision-fitted putter to your need.and assist you to reach your maximum potential.

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