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ARESO's goal is to assist golfers on one of the most important aspect of the game, PUTTING. Putting is a game of accuracy and control, and we try help golfers to acheve that.


ARESO also introduces numerous technologies, like Kine-FIT (monitor the kinetic and kinematic of the putting stroke) and custom-fit a precision-fitted putter to your need.and assist you to reach your maximum potential.  

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Germany, Markus S.

Der schone schwarz-garue Look mit der gefrasten Schlagflache gefallt genauso wie die Schrauben in der Sohle, die als Fitting-Gewichte dienen. Das Treffgeguhl ist weich und man erhalt ein deutliches Feedback zur Qualitat der Putts.

USA, Peter P

I played with SC for years, but after fitting with ARESO Golf, I have found out that I am

better off with Mallet head design, C10. After fitting with the correct angle, length

setting, I have significantly improved my 5~8ft putts.

China, CJ C.

I was an weight-lifter and most putter on the market was too light for me. ARESO Golf was

able to design a all heavy putter to satisfy my stroke and add loft to 8 degrees to fit my stroke.

Japan, Asai

E17 has very chic design, very comfortable at address and great feel off the face. Can tell

the amount of detail from the CNC mark that blend with the head.

South Korea, HD K

E17 is my favorite, CNC mark are visiable even on sole and feel of putt is incredible, face

is so soft. Black PVD Finish head is not too shinny at address and perfect combo with

custom black ARES Shaft.

Australia, Mark O.

ARESO Golf has done a great work with its CNC and engineering. The feedback is incrediable,

and ARESO offers a large selection of specification that satisfy golfers of all skill level.

Germany United-States China Japan South-Korea Australia


My name is Grant James and I have been a NZ PGA Golf Professional and Club-maker for almost 20 years.

For all of this time, Club-Fitting and Golf Equipment Technology has been at the forefront of my professional development.

Areso Golf has shown me that their level of commitment to helping every golfer with their putting is unequalled.

Their putters are SPECTACULAR but more importantly, the system and the final product works!!

I wouldn’t use anything else


USA, Dr. Greg C

I was fitted for my Areso E61 putter at the 2013 PGA Merchandise show.  I had always used a plumbers neck blade but found through the extensive fitting process that the E61 best suited my stroke.  The look and feel are what really set this brand apart, and knowing this model, length, and weight is the correct fit has added a great deal of confidence to my putting.  I would highly recommend Areso putters to anyone who is serious about their golf game.

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