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Headweight of putter is a great influence to swing balance, total weight, tempo, rhythm, head balance and feel. KINE-FIT also offers adjustment dynamic rotation and fine-tuning weight distribution. ARESO Golf offers three (3) head weights, minimum of thirty (30) to close to thousands of head weight adjustment. Range of three shaft weights and choice of grip weights.

KINE-FIT help golfers to find the optimum weight configurations for maximum performance.


KINE-FIT Length is the optimum length for each individual. KINE-FIT Length is specially designed Grip for Fitting and KINE-FIT Balance purposes.

KINE-FIT Grip is scaled into every 1/2 inch within 6” so that every golfer can adjust to his/ her desired length. Grip weight is designed with 140g and combines with KINE-FIT Weight to adjust the balance point of the putter for stability especially during to impact.

ARES Shaft – Low Torque Shaft

Torque refers to the resistance of the shaft to rotation.

ARES Shaft Low Torque Shaft (LTS) is designed to gradually lower the torque from the mid-section to the tip.

Low torque helps to maintain face square during stroke and helps to minimize shaft twisting.

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KINE-FIT Balance

Balance of putter refers to the CG or pivot point of the putter. KINE-FIT Balance is a combination of HW, GW, SW that affect tempo, rhythm, and feel. KINE-FIT Grip is designed with 140g and scaled to half inch up to 6 inches to optimize KINE-FIT Balance. KINE-FIT Balance optimizes location by KINE-FIT WEIGHT with KINE-FIT Length Technologies to maximize performance. KINE-FIT help golfers to find the optimum weight configurations for maximum performance.


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KINE-FIT Technologies

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