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ARESO's goal is to assist golfers on one of the most important aspect of the game, short game and especially putting. Putting is a game of precision, accurcay and control. Old saying like "putting is dough" clearly state the importance of putting as it is the "last mile". We as ARESO Golf help golfers, no matter the skill level, to fit/ build his/her putter and thus improve their performance.

The Team

It is not a mater of 300 yard drive, but the dedicate touch on the green that matters. Areso concentrate on the game that account nearly half of the strokes played. Taking away the variance in your putt. and assist you to reach your maximum potential.  


ARESO researches not only into high precision in the ARESO putters, but also research to the biomechanics of the putting stroke.  


ARESO have introduces numerous technologies, like Kine-FIT (monitor the kinetic and kinematic of the putting stroke) and custom-fit a precision-fitted putter to your need. and assist you to reach your maximum potential.  


Areso's team have together over 40 years of experience in machining and have 25 years in golf club making. Not only that, we have vertical integrated CAD engineers and CNC shop in house.

Rock W

Rock has been an athlete kid growing up. He decided to fulfill his dream at the age of 17 years. After years playing as top amateur of the country, family matter halted him from continuing his path to professionalism. During his years as amateur, he was fascinated the importance of club fitting that he started with a bunch of love-alikes one of the first club-fitters in the country.


Serving his military service at the nation's top training center, . As engineers he helped many club makers and after his success, he decided to return back to academics.


After years of research, Rock believe that due the precision. needed for the putter. The putter needed to be re-think from the impact back to how the club should be designed. Working with SAM's Puttlab, it seems that this theory will work.

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